Catholic Moca

Novena for Priests

Jesus Christ Son of God the most high, we implore your heart on behalf of all priests. We implore your healing guidance most especially for those priests who struggle between the ideal of the world and the truth held within the heart of your Church. Let the spirit of Christ, the spirit of service, the spirit of holiness be restored within each and all. May self, complacency, and distraction or temptation fall away from the path of each priest. Ignite within them the true value of the priesthood; let them see the threading of the priesthood to every family and the desperate need of our priests within all of society. May the joy and depth of "persona Christi" overcome them and renew them.

Most particularly we call for the aid of the Angel Raphael who is marked and recognized as God's healer, and known as "The Remedy of God."

Remember most kind Jesus that no one was ever abandoned who had recourse to Your Sacred Heart, implored Its help or called for mercy. Filled with this confidence, Divine Heart, ruler of all hearts, we come to you, oppressed beneath the weight of our sins. Do not reject our poor prayers, but listen to them mercifully, and be pleased to answer them.


Silently present the names of our priests.